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Asia, 2022
Person and their partner giving birth in a birthpool

It is hard to put into words the care, love, and peace we felt while in our midwives' care, because words alone don’t do it justice. I interviewed Veege prior to committing my third baby to a home birth, when my previous two, though natural, were born at the hospital. Being a nurse myself, I asked her all the "what if" questions and she graciously and patiently and honestly answered all of my questions. I knew from the beginning I could trust her. From the day we committed to home birth we never looked back. 

My midwives were readily available to answer any questions I came across and were quick to support me when new things that came about (anxiousness, itchy skin, painful ribs... you know, pregnancy!) no matter what, I always felt supported. 

Veege and Kristy knew exactly how to guide and support me through my labor, giving space for my body to do what it needed. I told them I was bummed this was my last baby because I wish I could have all my babies at home. Kristy and Veege are an energy that brought peace, comfort, and confidence to the birthing process.

They were there for every question, complaint, and angle life brought while growing a human and raising other littles, they were like your favorite aunt, just a part of the family. It pained me to say goodbye on our last visit. I know I cannot keep my experience to myself and will definitely be recommending them to any expectant mother.

Stephanie, 2022
Midwives and client with recent born baby

I loved having the opportunity to absorb the knowledge and care from Veege, Kristy and Zellene in the comfort of my own home. My husband and I were impressed by the thorough communication and coordinated effort of the team and loved how their experience and wisdom built upon each other.

Due to homeopathic remedies Kristy had given me, I labored in a relaxed way on my own for many hours in the night. I slept in between contractions, in a dreamy and excited haze underneath the moonlight coming through my windows. When active labor began, Kristy and Zellene were right there. My 9 pound 11 ounce baby had a shoulder dystocia and Kristy and Zellene were prepared. They made decisions every step of the way to put my baby’s safety first, and it was an honor to see their wisdom and experience flow together like a powerful current, in the heat of the moment, meeting the force and miracle of my baby’s birth. 

My postpartum care was thorough and deep in the following weeks as well, healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. As I write this my little baby Heron is sleeping soundly in my arms. Working with Moonstone Midwifery was a profound blessing in my life, and I am eternally grateful.

Jeanna 2022

It is so very empowering to have a group of women stand together to assist you in bringing your baby into this world your way!

The Moonstone Midwives just might be the most supportive, empowering group of women I have ever met. The space that they hold for you through pregnancy, during birth and postpartum is beyond belief. Having had both a hospital midwife and birth, and a Moonstone home birth I can easily say that the Moonstone Midwives provide more supportive and mother & family centered care without the western model of fear. Through all of the hurdles that come with pregnancy, I felt comfortable in the shared knowledge and support provided to me. Birthing with these ladies was one of the best choices we have ever made!

Kelsey Lathrop, 2022

Veege has been my midwife for two of my three pregnancies and the care my babies and I have received is incomparable. Veege and Kristy surpassed my expectations of midwifery care and helped me achieve two healing births after a difficult experience with my firstborn. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and post partum I felt safe, respected, and confident in Veege's judgment and knowledge as a midwife. Veege and Kristy gave me the opportunity to birth my babies on my terms and with confidence. I can't imagine birthing a baby any other way. I looked forward to my visits with Veege, Kristy, and Zellene throughout my pregnancy and post partum. They were helpful and so easy to talk to. My family and I have nothing but positive things to say about Veege and the midwives she works with!

Nicole, 2022
Person smiling with their recently born baby

As an indigenous woman, home birth was very important to me. My pregnancy and homebirth experience with Veege and Kristy was truly amazing! My entire family felt honored and loved. The pregnancy experience was full of emotional growth and honestly one of the best years of my life. I felt very supported through the entire pregnancy, all in the comfort of my own home. These ladies are very attentive and exceptionally considerate. During my first pregnancy I had to wait sometimes hours to see my family doctor for short check-in's, this would have been much more difficult with a toddler during COVID. I feel so blessed to have been truly cared for. Veege and Kristy are such a special team, they really complement each other. From early pregnancy to several weeks after delivery these two capable, strong women have always made me feel safe, protected, and empowered. It was an honor to be cared for by women who are at the fullest expression of their calling as midwives. I genuinely wish I were having more children, just to have an experience with them again! I 1000% recommend them to anyone wanting a beautiful pregnancy journey, and homebirth. I am a Nurse Practitioner myself, and these women simply offer phenomenal care. Veege and Kristy our family is forever grateful, we love you!

Mary, 2021
Person smiling with their recently born baby

I received the best medical care of my entire life from Veege and Kristy! They both were a wealth of information to help me make the healthiest and most natural choices for myself and baby.

Prenatally, Veege provided the best tinctures and herbs to help solve any issues I was facing during pregnancy. For instance, for as long as I could remember, I have always been anemic. Well, today, I can happily say I’m not anymore! She provided me with the best tinctures, herbs, teas, and supplements. Also, she referred me to the best naturopathic doctors to provide iron injections before birth and to continue care after her services. Her knowledge in natural remedies is worth the price of admission alone!

During the birth process, Kristy, offered such a calm, graceful, nurturing and peaceful presence. She understands that birth can be a very sacred experience and was very delicate about making it as peaceful as possible. For example, while I was experiencing contractions, she provided soft touch and counter pressure to help make me feel calm and relaxed. Also, during transition, I began to feel intensity in my legs. She found herbs and tinctures while Veege rubbed my legs down with Deep Blue and provided me with the TENS Unit to eliminate the intensity entirely! Then, after hours of pushing with no progress, Kristy recommended that I try to push over the toilet. My son was born within minutes. They both know all the tricks to help you have a natural birth!

Postpartum care was absolutely outstanding. Both Veege and Kristy went above and beyond to ensure that breastfeeding was established, baby was healthy, and I was physically and emotionally well.

The love for what they both do shines through in the excellent care they provide! I cannot recommend Veege and Kristy enough!

Brittany, 2021
Person holding their newborn after childbirth

Working with Veege and Kristy was an absolute pleasure. Throughout every step of the way they provided personalized, supportive, and loving care. Their competence and skills in midwifery gave immense comfort to our entire family and allowed me to have an optimal birth experience.

Caitlin Fears, 2016 and 2018

As my postpartum care with my midwife sadly comes to an end I reflect on how lucky I am to have a birth story that has respect, compassion, and wisdom. Being pregnant, working full time, opening a new business, and raising a toddler was not easy. I never wanted to let anyone know just how exhausted I was. There was one person I could totally confide in and take advice from and that was my midwife. I trusted her wisdom and respected her honesty. Sometimes she would tell me things I didn't want to hear but I valued her knowledge and knew I needed to listen. She knew when to encourage me, when to listen, when I needed to slow down, when to trust me, and when I just needed love. She empowered me many times through prenatal care, the birth of my daughter, and postpartum. I feel it is important to acknowledge great care in a culture that can be so reckless with birth so here I am giving a shout out to a fabulous midwife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Veege.

Jody Pace, 2018

I have so much love and respect for Veege. She took a chance on me. Believed in me when no one else did. She has seen me at my all-time worst, most challenging moments and (literally) held me up. The level of support, care and love I received during my pregnancy and delivery was beyond compare. I can only hope that every pregnant women has a similar sense of support and respect for and from their own birth team. Veege is 100% doing what she was put here to do and it shows. I could not be more honored to have her on my team and by my side on these last two birth journeys. I will miss our regular visits so much. It almost feels like a break up I just wasn’t ready for, but its ok. Our relationship has moved to the friend zone now.

Jean Boone

I had the pleasure of meeting Veege at my daughter Amy’s home first for a prenatal visit and subsequently at the birth and postpartum period. I’m a retired midwife having practiced in Idaho for 20 plus years so, while appreciating a wide range of personalities and clinical skills within midwifery, I have an educated and discerning eye for those in the profession. Veege is truly an exceptional midwife! She brings a caring and compassionate calm that translates into the atmosphere surrounding her. Her knowledge and skills are evident and the confidence she exhibits helps every member of the family relax and focus on the sweet business of birth without having to second guess their care. Amy experienced a postpartum complication and Veege was promptly attentive in dealing with it and with every phone call and concern that followed. Choosing your midwife is a connection for life and I highly recommend Veege as a most excellent choice! She’s got my five star review.

Amy Orme

I feel so grateful to have had Veege as my midwife. I felt a warm comfortable connection with her right away. She continue to guide me and care for me with confidence and grace. Her grounded, calming presence resonates love & care for her clients and her profession. I’m so stoked she will always be part of my and my family’s story.

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