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AquaDoula Birth Pool Rental

collage of a person and their partner giving birth in a borth pool

Benefits of the AquaDoula Birth Pool

  • Easy set-up; assembled in minutes
  • Maintains warm water with a safe heating element
  • Allows for freedom of movement and easy position changes
  • Tranquil blue siding allows for better birth picture opportunities
  • Brings the quality and comfort of a permanent birth pool into your home
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Contact us any time during your pregnancy to reserve an AquaDoula Birth Tub for your home birth. Reservation of the tub provides you with a 4 week rental. We recommend you reserve the tub at approximately 38 weeks through 41 weeks of pregnancy, but you may reserve any 4 week window based on availability and choice.

AquaDoula Rentals


AquaDoula tub rental fee is $200, plus an additional charge for rural delivery.

Rental includes the following equipment:

  • Delivery and Pick-up of the tub
  • AquaDoula Birth Pool, plus heating element hardware
  • 1 new plastic liner (required)
  • Foam cover to help maintain water temperature
  • A potable water hose for filling the tub
  • A separate garden hose and a pump for draining the tub
  • Detailed Instructions
Contact us for rental.