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Some people feel more comfortable birthing in a hospital, yet they want the holistic advice of a midwife. Some pregnancies are high-risk, and the delivery would be safer in a hospital, yet mothers with high-risk pregnancies may still want to receive the nutritional, herbal, and emotional support a midwife can provide.

The Co-Care Service Package provided by Moonstone Midwifery is designed to provide midwifery care and support, through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, for people who are also receiving OB or physician care during their pregnancies.

Prenatal office visits are generally non-clinical, since a mother choosing co-care will be attending her standard prenatal care with a physician. Instead, we focus on birth preparation, nutrition, herbal remedies for common discomforts, and emotional support for the childbearing process.

The Co-Care Service Package allows your midwife to act as a Montrice during your birth. A Montrice is similar to a doula, except clinical skills can be provided in early labor, with the intention of transferring to a hospital for active labor. Doulas, in contrast, cannot offer any clinical skills as a part of their labor support role. For example, I can check cervical dilation, listen to your baby’s heartbeat, or evaluate your vitals at home to help you decide when it is best to go to the hospital. Once we arrive at the hospital, my role becomes a non-clinical advocate and labor support provider for your hospital birth.

After your birth, you would enjoy baby weight checks, lactation support, and nurturing postpartum care in your home. No need to deal with the stress of leaving the house with your newborn- the care comes to you.

The Co-Care Package Includes:

  • Monthly Prenatal office visits throughout your pregnancy
  • Three in-home Postpartum and Newborn Visits within the first 3 weeks
  • Montrice Birth Services

Co-Care Services are not generally eligible for Insurance Billing.

You can customize the Co-Care Package to include only Prenatal care, Montrice services, In-home Postpartum Care, a Complete Co-Care Package, or a mix of the three services to meet your needs! Call for pricing.