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Lactation Support Package

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With the Lactation Support Package, you will receive:

  • 1 prenatal education and planning session with Holly Hunter, Lactation Support Specialist, which will include a basic overview of breastfeeding, red and green flags to look for, and supplies you may need. Information about nutrition, planning for support, planning for sleep, pumping and breast milk storage will be shared.
  • 1 postpartum Lactation Support visit in your home (preferably somewhere in days 3-7 postpartum) to assess latch, baby oral exam and breast exam, and baby weight monitoring or a weighted feed once your milk has come in. At this home visit, you'll receive more education, support, and a check in on your support system, sleep arrangement, and nutrition.
  • Follow up email after each session with a summary of what was covered, so you can refer back, and links to products or information you might need.
  • You will have text access to Holly between sessions to answer any questions or provide guidance.

You are invited to hire Holly for additional visits outside of the package deal, and to join her Breastfeeding Support Group, offered every other weekend at our Moonstone Midwifery Office.

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