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Moonstone Midwifery TestimonialsAs my postpartum care with my midwife sadly comes to an end I reflect on how lucky I am to have a birth story that has respect, compassion, and wisdom. Being pregnant, working full time, opening a new business, and raising a toddler was not easy. I never wanted to let anyone know just how exhausted I was. There was one person I could totally confide in and take advice from and that was my midwife. I trusted her wisdom and respected her honesty. Sometimes she would tell me things I didn't want to hear but I valued her knowledge and knew I needed to listen. She knew when to encourage me, when to listen, when I needed to slow down, when to trust me, and when I just needed love. She empowered me many times through prenatal care, the birth of my daughter, and postpartum. I feel it is important to acknowledge great care in a culture that can be so reckless with birth so here I am giving a shout out to a fabulous midwife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Veege.
Another tribute to my beautiful midwife Veege Ruediger who ushered another baby of mine into the world... She is one of the most amazing women I know who dedicates her life to woman and children. She has helped me through miscarriage, fast labors, longer labors, prenatal, postnatal and beyond. I trust her implicitly. The moments that felt impossible she told me I was strong enough, she laughs with me, cries with me, and nurtures me when no one else can. Veege is one of the most real people I know and I feel forever indebted. Our community is blessed to have health care professionals with this level of experience, knowledge, and care. We Love you Veege!

~ Caitlin Fears, 2016 and 2018

I have so much love and respect for Veege. She took a chance on me. Believed in me when no one else did. She has seen me at my all-time worst, most challenging moments and (literally) held me up. The level of support, care and love I received during my pregnancy and delivery was beyond compare. I can only hope that every pregnant women has a similar sense of support and respect for and from their own birth team. Veege is 100% doing what she was put here to do and it shows. I could not be more honored to have her on my team and by my side on these last two birth journeys. I will miss our regular visits so much. It almost feels like a break up I just wasn’t ready for, but its ok. Our relationship has moved to the friend zone now.
~ Jody Pace, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Veege at my daughter Amy’s home first for a prenatal visit and subsequently at the birth and postpartum period. I’m a retired midwife having practiced in Idaho for 20 plus years so, while appreciating a wide range of personalities and clinical skills within midwifery, I have an educated and discerning eye for those in the profession. Veege is truly an exceptional midwife! She brings a caring and compassionate calm that translates into the atmosphere surrounding her. Her knowledge and skills are evident and the confidence she exhibits helps every member of the family relax and focus on the sweet business of birth without having to second guess their care. Amy experienced a postpartum complication and Veege was promptly attentive in dealing with it and with every phone call and concern that followed. Choosing your midwife is a connection for life and I highly recommend Veege as a most excellent choice! She’s got my five star review.
~ Jean Boone

I feel so grateful to have had Veege as my midwife. I felt a warm comfortable connection with her right away. She continue to guide me and care for me with confidence and grace. Her grounded, calming presence resonates love & care for her clients and her profession. I’m so stoked she will always be part of my and my family’s story.
~ Amy Orme

The care my daughter and I received as a result of having Veege on our team for our pregnancy, labor and delivery went beyond the medical aspect of keeping us healthy. She was an earnest guide, an available ear, a warm embrace, a safe place and even a friend to be lighthearted with. There is no denying the clear and confident understanding she has of not only the female body but inherent female power. I never doubted myself or my baby when working with her.
~ Lisa Amador

Working with Veege during the time leading up to birth, birth itself, and the postpartum period was a true pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of pregnancy, while being compassionate and joyful about the process.She was absolutely available to me when I needed her, and was full of ideas and options to help me along when my pregnancy ran long. Her presence during the birth was noninvasive but strong, and I still remember some of the things she said to me as key moments. I would recommend her services to any woman looking for a midwife who will support her desire to have a natural, healthy, safe birth and pregnancy!
~ Kelly McCoy

I was pregnant with my third child when we found Veege.  My previous births were c-sections so I was planning to VBA2C.  I planned to be pretty picky while searching for the perfect midwife.  I wanted someone knowledgable with VBAC experience and for them to have herbal knowledge as well.  Of course they also had to "click" with our family.  We met with Veege and liked her right away. I knew very quickly that she was the perfect choice.  I felt very comfortable with Veege and trusted her judgement fully.  My children absolutely adore her and ask for their midwife to come visit all the time. It felt like the perfect match.
Unfortunately things changed for me. An ultrasound revealed that I had placenta accreta which risked me out for home birth. I was incredibly upset and worried about changing my care provider.   It was one of the scariest times of my life. Veege was always there for me though.  I had to spend some time in the hospital and she checked in with me constantly, making sure I understood what was going on and to hold space for me to release my feelings.  Her support during this time was invaluable. After I had my baby, Veege took over again for postpartum care.  She truly has a gift for caring for women.  I was having a rough time for awhile there but always felt better after talking with her.  She acknowledged my feelings, offered suggestions and positive encouragement all without judgement. There are no words to describe how important her role was to me during this time. It was sad to have our care with Veege come to a close. We were truly blessed to have her as part of our family.  She will always hold a special place in each of our hearts and we will forever cherish her care, guidance and friendship.

~ Devyn Hummer

Before the end of our initial interview I knew that I wanted Veege to be my midwife. She was personable, which for me is a big deal for me, I wanted to be sure that I could build a relationship with the person who would be sharing the intimate journey of birth. Veege is an absolutely amazing midwife, she goes above and beyond her descriptive role. She was more than my midwife, she was my therapist, my life coach, my comedian, and my friend. I do not think that I can find the words to express my gratitude for the quality of service that Veege has and is still providing for my family. After every appointment my partner and I were reassured in our choice to have Veege’s assistance. Aside from her caring personality she is very knowledgeable in her field. Due to the carelessness of the doctor who delivered my first son, I was given a C-section, and was traumatized from my previous birth experience. So, when I began having preterm contractions during my 33rd week, Veege respected my preference for natural medicine and instead of transferring me to a hospital, she gave me herbs which helped me stay pregnant for a few weeks longer. When I eventually transferred to a hospital, Veege gently supported and guided me throughout the process. It is rare in today's society to meet people who care for others and love their work the way that Veege does. Veege, I love you soo much, you are one of the most beautiful people that I have ever met… Thank You for everything that you have done for my family. May you receive all of the blessing that you deserve!
 ~ Llomisha Cook

 I had changed my birth plan and made the decision to have a VBAC home birth at the beginning of my third trimester. It felt like a better choice, especially after we met with many of the midwives in town. Veege was not actually the midwife we had hired initially, but her name came to us over and over again from friends. The week of the birth we were surprised to find that, due to different circumstances, she would infact be the assistant to our midwife. As another twist, we went into labor the same day we met her, and furthermore, after many hours of labor, our midwife was needed at another birth and had to leave. Many changes were made from our original birth plan, but we never doubted our decision to push through in the comfort of our home. We knew we were in good hands with Veege, even as our stand-in midwife, because of her high recommendations from other families we know.  Her calm and accommodating presence reassured over and over again us through the whole process. Our daughter was posterior, but we were intent on a home birth. Veege had a variety of techniques that helped in repositioning our baby during our long labor.  Patient and supportive of us wanting to try anything to help progress the labor, she never once suggested a transfer. Her confidence in us filled the room and therefore we never lacked confidence in her. We felt comfortable with her leading us through the ups and downs and sense of security, even when the labor was at its highest intensity. We were very happy to have her help us bring our baby girl into the world.  I will definitely be referring her to other future parents we know in our community.
~ Andrea Johnson

Veege has been incredible in so many ways. Her care is nurturing, intuitive, & informative. She balances being present and completely there for you but also giving you space and information to make all the decisions that are best for you. I appreciated her wealth of knowledge about the whole process; prenatal, birth, postpartum, herbs, etc. We spent half of our pregnancy away and she was very flexible as well as very available during that whole process, even helping me connect with a midwife where I was traveling, and always there for questions and concerns. During pre-natal and labor I felt very held by her ease, wisdom and honesty. I ended up having to get transported and she was there for me the whole way, fully advocating for me at the hospital and staying by my side through all of it. Although my birth story was not exactly as I would have liked or planned I feel like Veege held and guided me so perfectly. She was very supportive and affirming emotionally after the birth as well, and has continued to go above and beyond as we have transitioned into parenthood. I am so grateful!
~ Opie Snow


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